How to Fix S0a00 Error on Comcast

Whether you are an age old Comcast Xfinity subscriber or did you recently get a free connection from Comcast Xfinity due to coronavirus. The S0A00 error might be a pain to you and you must be looking for a solution to it.

Comcast is among the best cable internet and TV providers in the United States that provides excellent picture quality, affordable service charges, and world-class customer support facility.

Although the service of Comcast is magnificent and smooth, their tech support isn’t really strong. If you’re facing the S0A00 error message on the screen of their TV and have already contacted the support but haven’t received any working solution, then you are at the right place.

If you are facing a similar message then do not panic as this error message is a very common problem that can occur due to several factors. Today, I will share some effective methods with which you can easily fix S0A00 error on Comcast, so keep reading till the end.

What is Comcast & Xfinity?

Comcast in an American telecommunication company and also one of the biggest cable television companies in the United States, whereas the second largest company in the world.

Apart from cable television, Comcast also provides internet and telephone services across the United States. Comcast has more than 55 million subscribers across 5 countries in Europe, and it has created a very tough competition for its rivals in this sector. Due to their great services and customer support, Comcast rules the telecommunication sector.

Xfinity is a sub-brand of Comcast, and it provides cable service across the United States and a few other countries of Europe. It was first launched in 2010, since then Comcast cable service was renamed to “Xfinity TV,” Comcast telephone service was renamed to “Xfinity Voice,” and Comcast internet services were renamed to “Xfinity Internet.”

What is S0A00 Error?

This error occurs in the Xfinity Comcast box wherein you see an error message on your television saying “S0A00 error”. This error can be due to various reasons; some of the ideas are listed below :

  • Unpaid bill – If the last date for paying your DTH bill has already passed, then you will get this error.
  • Problem with box – You will get this error if there is some sort of problem with your DTH box.
  • Loose Coaxial Cable – One can face such error if the coaxial cable is loose or not appropriately attached to the box or with the socket.

How to Fix S0A00 Error?

If you are reading this article it means you are facing S0A00 error on your Comcast, before we get the methods of solving this problem let me tell you that sometimes when your bill unpaid you will get this error, after paying your bill, wait for about an hour because the cable box takes about an hour to reactivate but if after one hour of the payment if you see the error message try the methods mentioned below.

There are various methods using which you can fix the annoying S0A00 error, and here I have mentioned some of the best methods which will surely help you to fix the error, please follow all the steps accordingly.

Method 1 (Cable Box Reset):

Sometimes the reason for the S0A00 error is related to the cable box, and there can be several reasons for the error. It is advised to the people to try this method before they go try other methods.


  • Step First – Detach the power cord from the cable box as well as from the power socket.
  • Step Second – After removing the cable from the cable box, wait from about 20 – 30 seconds.
  • Step Third – Attach the power cord to the box as well as to the power socket and check, Now you won’t be seeing S0A00 error anymore.

Note – It is the most basic method of fixing S0A00 error is Comcast; this method helped a lot of people fixing this problem, but if in case you’re still getting the error after following the method, try the next process.

Method 2 (Coaxial Cable Check):

If your error is still not fixed after trying the method first, then you should check the coaxial cord of your cable box. The coaxial cord is used to transfer the signal from the cable box to your television.

You may get S0A00 error when the connection of the coaxial cord with the socket is loose or not properly fixed; in such a case, one should follow the steps below to fix the coaxial cord.


Step 1: Turn off your cable box and remove the power cord from the box as well as a power socket.

Step 2: Remove the coaxial cord from the cable box

Step 3: Check whether the coaxial cord is properly fixed on the wall; if not, try fixing it properly.

Step 4: Once you have fixed the coaxial cable properly on the box, attach all the power cables and start the box.

Step 5: Now, the error must have disappeared.

This method helped many users in solving this error, and sometimes coaxial cable gets loose, which results in S0A00 error. It is a better option to check the coaxial cable before calling the technician.

Method 3 (Getting Customer Support):

If you have tried all the above methods and none worked for you, then I will recommend you to contact the customer support center of Comcast and register your complaint. There are many problems which one cannot solve on their own, so it is better to get the word done by a professional technician. Once your complaint is successfully registered, the support team will try to fix your problem remotely, and if the problem is with your cable box, then they will send a technician who will fix the S0A00 error on Comcast.

Ending the Article:

As we all know Comcast is the best telecommunication companies across the globe that provides its customers with the best telecommunication experience, no matter if it is an internet service, telephone service or DTH television service, Comcast never fails to satisfy its customers. Xfinity is a DTH service providing sub-company of Comcast, that provides its customers with the best picture and audio quality cable service that too at very reasonable prices.

Many times the users of Xfinity Comcast face a problem wherein they see an S0A00 error message, and in spite of all the efforts, the problem doesn’t solve. In this article, I have mentioned a few methods to fix S0A00 error on Comcast, all the methods listed above are genuine and tested. I hope this article satisfied all your queries and has left no doubt regarding the subject, but if you have any queries related to this subject then feel free to write down in the comment section and I will revert you with the best possible solution.

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